Coal Yard Project - Now Complete

HPC are pleased to announce the successful completion of their ambitious plan to provide 9 units of affordable housing, a new meeting room and office for the Parish Council, two one-bedroom flats and parking for the users of the Forest Way, Playschool and Parish Office.

The original site, at the old coal yard, was bought six years. Having gained planning permission for the housing development, half the site was sold on to Town and Country Housing Group who built the houses. This development includes two and three bedroom houses which were occupied by nine families in October. The old goods shed, on the remaining land, was then converted to accommodate two one-bedroom flats upstairs and the Parish rooms downstairs. The rent from the flats will fund the cost of running the new Parish rooms and supplement other projects planned by the Parish Council. The parking area is in constant use by visitor to the Playschool and those who wish to walk or cycle the Forest Way.

good yards house parish office

Goods Yard House Parish Office 

opening ceremony speech

Opening Ceremony with Lord Lyton 

The official opening was held on Monday 23 January 2012 and Lord Lytton, President of both the National and Sussex Associations of Local Councils, thanked the Parish Council for their vision and hard work in achieving such a long term aim.

All those involved in this venture agree it was an extremely ambitious project for a small Parish Council to take on. It is thanks to the foresight of the Council of six years ago, and all those who have shared responsibility since, that the Parish Council can now feel an enormous sense of achievement. The Parish Office will be open to the public for help and advice on Mondays between 9.15 am. – 11.15 am and 1pm and 3pm.

For many years the Parish Council met in the Village Hall with a small committee room above. It is with a tinge of sadness that this venue, with its views over the playing fields and beyond, will no longer be used but the Council has outgrown the accommodation and needs to provide more accessible premises for all members of the public. 

All Parishioners are welcome to attend Parish Council meetings and Committee meetings in the new accommodation. Meetings are advertised on the website and on the village notice boards.

~ Chairman Hartfield Parish Council Jo Edwarde January 2012