We hope our Parish Council website will provide a local information resource for residents in the parish and for those who live in the surrounding area.


Much of the information on the pages is fairly static, but forms an important directory for everyone living in this corner of East Sussex.
In addition, we welcome visitors to the area and hope you will find the local information provided helps you to enjoy your visit.
If you are interested in using any of the facilities at the pavilion or Goods Yard House please contact the Clerk in the first instance to discuss availability.

Please note during the current corona virus outbreak the Council will not be meeting formally and the annual parish meeting was cancelled in April. We continue to meet albeit virtually and all papers relating to meetings can be found online. In the meantime correspondence, planning applications and payments will be responded to by the Clerk to the Council in consultation with councillors. Please email the office in the normal way and we respond as soon as possible.

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The Parish Council and Church have set up a Community Action Group in response to Covid - 19 and have agreed a local set of co-ordinators to help people in need access local groups of volunteers and for those volunteers to spread the load amongst a local group.

If you wish to volunteer or wish to be put in touch with someone to get help we need your name tel no and email please email all this info to the Parish Office parishclerk@hartfieldonline.com or call 01342 822404 (Answer Machine) or the Rector Julie Sear revjuliesear1@gmail.com 01892 770436 and we can then forward to the relevant co-ordinator.  

Local Co-ordinators Contact Info - if you need something during these challenging weeks ahead. 

  1. Upper Hartfield – Kirstie Ashton 07803 033240 kirstiemashton@hotmail.com
  2. Gallipot Hill – Anna Keen 01892 770723 annakeen04@aol.com
  3. Colemans Hatch / Newbridge – CJ Payne 07917 848150 cjpayne@hotmail.com
  4. Holtye / Rogerstown – Joanne Griffin 07941 856715
  5. Butcherfield Lane / Edenbridge Rd – James and Geraldine Ormonde 01892 770757 ormondegeraldine@gmail.com
  6. Marsh Green – Giles Horner 01342 822352
  7.  Hartfield Village – Lisa Boland 07549 940887 
Thank you for helping each other at this time and please let us know if you can help or if you need help.
For up to date information please see  https://www.england.nhs.uk/coronavirus/

If you are able to help others or need help please contact the Rector or the parish council office to provide details. If you know an older person who is concerned about leaving the house because of #COVID2019uk, make sure you: 

  • Stay in touch over the phone.
  • See if they need any help shopping.
  • Encourage them to stay active in the house.  
If older members of the public have concerns about anything else, including welfare, care or housing, they can contact Age UK’s free advice line, 8am-7pm, 7 days a week: 0800 055 6112